Monday, May 28, 2007

Yul Gok

Homework: Go read about Yul Gok and practice a lot.

Favorite parts:
* The 'falling sidestep' before the second sloooow punch.
* The arc hand blocks
* The jumping backfist - that has a kind of flair to it :)

I practiced my step punches in Chon Ji and Dan Gun quite a bit today. I think I am getting the hang of how to step onto my knee while lunging forward.


Colin Wee said...

Oh, I was surprised to see a link to TMAC forum here. Thanks.

I have at once a love hate relationship with this form. The form seemed so out of place when I first learned it. The techniques seemed so 'power hungry'. Yet, when I expanded my studies later on, the form started to grow on me.

You like the jumping back fist? Me too. However, I think less of it as a backfist than of a surprise foot stomp. Can you imagine what an effect it would be if a group of people suddenly saw you putting down a hard-nosed opponent with a mere 'light' backfist (except you know you just broke his foot). Hahahhaah ... the martial arts are sneaky!


Little Cricket said...

The link to TMAC? Sure, of course! I've been meaning to put it up for a while. I like to read about the forms and their different parts.

Really? Out of place? I guess I don't have a good enough feel for all the forms as a whole to see why.

The foot stomp is indeed sneaky! I hadn't thought of that when I was learning it.