Thursday, May 31, 2007


I admit it ... I like attention (but I'm shy). I just mean I like to be given feedback during class. Sometimes a whole class goes by with not too many comments from my teacher, like today. Other people had to do their forms and get corrections. I can't be doing everything right?! Maybe he overlooks me a LOT more than other people :). Only a correction to my step punch and a block during Chon Ji and Yul Gok. No comments while sparring. I think about whether I am just too bad, and my teacher doesn't want to waste his time with me or if its just by accident.

Taking taekwondo has certainly made me better about my insecurities. But if this is where I am now, I was in pretty bad shape before.

I should just focus on the class.


MarkB said...

Weird, I feel exactly the same way in class (I've only been going for 2 months or so). Hopefully I'll get over it soon so I can just concentrate on what I'm doing.

Little Cricket said...

Hey markb,

It depends on your personality...I've been going for almost a year now, and I still feel that way from time to time. I like my classes a lot, though, so that more than makes up for it.

Thanks for writing, nice to know someone else feels the same! Good luck with your classes.

Silverstar said...

Maybe you were doing the exercises well, so he doesn't feel the need to critique. Sometimes silence is a good thing. :)

Little Cricket said...

Hi silverstar,

Silence is good, its true. I've been a quiet mouse for 27 years though, sometimes, you just want to break out of it.

BTW, you have a cool blog, I'll be reading more.

Nerik said...

Hey.... I feel the same way, I've been practicing TKD for only 2 months and sometimes I feel a little bit ignored, as if I did not deserve the attention because I'm just a White Belt.. But at the end it's all good because I try harder and try to do my movements as sharp as I can, so when I get a good comment for my master I feel so good!!!!!

Little Cricket said...

Hey nerik,

It is all good in the end isn't it! After a few months, you won't believe how far you've come. Often, I think the teacher is watching even though you don't notice.

All the best with your training.