Sunday, June 03, 2007

I think I am going through post-thesis-submission depression. I submitted on May 25 and have been feeling persistently apathetic and lethargic since then. I also have a lot of anger. I am dreading that I have to move, work at a real job and switch TKD schools.

Although I suppose its so easy to think something and make it become true. Its ironic that before, you don't realize how much power over actual events the mind holds. And now, you know it, you would think that you would gain more control. But it just seems to become more and more powerful.

I am struggling with understanding whether my feelings of depression are real or whether they are there because I think I am feeling depressed.


Amanda said...

Careful with those post-thesis blues! Shortly after my ex-fiance turned in his thesis, he broke off our engagement in a fit of "I'm afraid of growing up." (His words, not mine.)

Months later, he admitted he screwed up, but I was already happily living in Korea. And so he cried.

Moral of the story: don't do anything stupid right now.


Little Cricket said...

Yeah, I've been having some stupid crazy thoughts of my own! Thanks for the reminder, it got a smile out of me :)