Thursday, April 19, 2007


* Spin stomp kick then tornado kick

* Jab with left, backfist with left, reverse punch with right, hook with left

* Quarter kick with right, jump spin back kick with left

* Front twist kick: lift right leg as in squat, kick in to out

Whon Hyo:

* First step is 'bowling' action
* Lean back while prepping for knife hand, striking hand back and below ear
* Hand to shoulder on knifehand, and heel VERY close to foot in cat stance
* Prep the side punch by opening shoulder.

* To prep for side kick, after 'hands together' thing, move right foot to left without leaving ground first

* For knifehand blocks, prep with shoulders open, and level (don't scrunch down)

* Front kick: lift knee high first, toes pointing down, then kick with ankle straight
After kicking, land in FRONT stance, i.e., good width

* Side kick: chamber with knee high against shoulder, can be on toes of left foot. Then stretch out without turning, then use butt muscles to turn, and stay with leg level.

* After side kick, bring right foot close to left before prepping for last(name?) block. Left foot back, body pointed right, arms up and in center, head looking left. Block. Same on right.


Colin Wee said...

Little Cricket,

Glad you liked what you saw at the forum and blog. I have also added your blog to my list of sites.

Looks like you're enjoying Won-hyo!



Little Cricket said...

Yup, I'm enjoying learning Won Hyo. Though I still need a lot more practice. Yesterday in class a senior pointed out a lot of details that I needed to correct, like how the side punches are more effective if I chamber properly by drawing the shoulder back and keeping it 'open'.


Colin Wee said...

Standing strikes generate power predominantly with either shoulder rotation or hip rotation. That particular technique you're doing needs a lot of shoulder rotation. This means anything that gets the shoulder to rotate more and accelerate harder allows you to hit the target harder - so yeah, your senior does have a point. Hip rotation is the same, except the 'trick' is to transmit the awesome power of the hips effectively into your hand.


Little Cricket said...

I noticed the difference as soon as I corrected my technique, though I wasn't even striking anything!